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William Skon

Dr William Skon, chiropractor

I grew up in a chiropractic family; my father and uncle both practiced in the midway area of St. Paul. I learned to value the importance of taking care of your health through chiropractic adjustments, regular exercise and eating moderately and wisely.

When I was first in practice, I had the opportunity to treat a woman who had had ten years of chronic leg pain. It felt so great to be able to relieve that pain. What I love about chiropractic is the possibility of impacting people’s lives in positive ways such as this. Daily headaches, tightness in your neck and shoulders, and persistent lower back pain is not normal. When patients experience relief from these conditions, it can literally change their lives.

It is so rewarding to treat individuals who have been in a serious car accident and help them to return to their normal everyday activities without pain. A recent patient of mine suffered a whiplash injury following a rear-end collision. She was experiencing constant headaches, with nausea and dizziness. Within a few weeks of treatment, her headaches were markedly improved and she was able to return to work and regular household activities. It is such a privilege to be able to help people through such a difficult time in their lives.

Our ability to function at our optimal best is dependent first and foremost on our overall health, which is greatly enhanced by regular and varied physical exercise. My mother was a Swedish immigrant who taught us to love the outdoors. Even in the middle of winter, she would open the front and back doors to let in fresh air. I think my love of cross-country and downhill skiing originated with this year- round exposure to the outdoors. My wife Suzanne and I both bicycle regularly, and I commute by bike whenever possible. Our travel together often includes activities such as hiking, biking, golf or skiing (which makes enjoying good food even better!)

With chiropractic care, you can greatly improve recurring physical problems, but also can regularly “tune-up” or maintain your spinal alignment. This in turn can greatly enhance your ability to enjoy physical activities such as these, as well as routine activities at home and at work.

Suzanne Skon

Suzanne SkonUnlike my husband, I did not grow up in a chiropractic family. But since our meeting in the early ‘90s, he has helped me become greatly educated in the benefits that chiropractic can offer. (As proof of my belief, I not only married him, I now work for him in the office!)

He and I share an ongoing respect and passion for maintaining good health through nutrition, regular physical exercise, and regular chiropractic adjustments. My history as a ballet dancer throughout childhood and young adult years was already speaking to the criticalness of a properly aligned spine. The message was: all other physical movement you execute is  dependent on this alignment.

While my physical activities now center on bicycle riding, regular walking on my treadmill, hiking, and cross-country skiing, I realize I have always believed in that dance maxim from long ago—which is probably why it seems so fitting that I am now actively involved in the area of chiropractic health. I too love being able to address the needs of our patients, who are truly wonderful people we feel honored to help.
I work with our patients as office manager at our clinic three days a week. The rest of my days are spent as an artist; I have returned to my life-long love of drawing, painting, and creating sculptures and installations. Our clinic is—happily for me—filled with work I have created over the past 15 years. This area of focus helps me to nurture both my mental and spiritual capacities—areas I believe complete the picture of what we refer to as “being in good health.”

Dr William Skon, chiropractor

Dr William Skon, chiropractorDr William Skon, chiropractor