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Suzanne Skon

office manager


Unlike my husband, I did not grow up in a chiropractic family. But since our meeting in the early ‘90s, he has helped me become greatly educated in the benefits that chiropractic can offer. (As proof of my belief, I not only married him, I now work for him in the office!)

He and I share an ongoing respect and passion for maintaining good health through nutrition, regular physical exercise, and regular chiropractic adjustments. My history as a ballet dancer throughout childhood and young adult years was already speaking to the criticalness of a properly aligned spine. The message was: all other physical movement you execute is dependent on this alignment.

While my physical activities now center on bicycle riding, regular walking on my treadmill, hiking, and cross-country skiing, I realize I have always believed in that dance maxim from long ago—which is probably why it seems so fitting that I am now actively involved in the area of chiropractic health. I too love being able to address the needs of our patients, who are truly wonderful people we feel honored to help.

I work with our patients as office manager at our clinic three days a week. The rest of my days are spent as an artist; I have returned to my life-long love of drawing, painting, and creating sculptures and installations. Our clinic is—happily for me—filled with work I have created over the past 15 years. This area of focus helps me to nurture both my mental and spiritual capacities—areas I believe complete the picture of what we refer to as “being in good health.”

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