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I was impressed with Dr. Skon from my very first visit, some five or more years ago. During the first visit Dr. Skon spent a considerable amount of time asking questions and listening. This has not always been my experience having visited other medical professionals. I felt as though he had genuine caring and that he was willing to take the time necessary to help.

When I went in that first time my low back was spasming and I was in a lot of pain. In contrast to visits I have made to previous chiropractors, before adjusting my back Dr. Skon first had me lie on a very soothing and warm water massage table, and then he further loosened and prepared my back for adjustment by massaging my low back. I feel that this gentler approach to adjustment is key to the results that I receive from a visit to Dr. Skon. I left that first visit with a back that immediately felt better. With a couple of follow-up visits, I was out of pain and moving normally.

I have made regular visits to Dr. Skon ever since. Sometimes I make the mistake of waiting until I am in bad shape, but more often now, I visit when I need some help preventing low back pain. When I start to feel my low back stiffening or after I have done something to strain my low back, I schedule a visit and avoid an episode of back spasms and pain.

I should add that there have been several occasions when Dr. Skon has seen me outside of his scheduling hours. I really get the impression that he has a strong sense of empathy for people who are in pain! Also, Dr. Skon has been extremely helpful in suggesting stretching and exercises that have been very effective in maintaining my back health.


Jay M.

A recent posting on a patient's Facebook page after a visit to our clinic:

"I would like to thank my chiropractor for making my morning glorious"

Dr. Bill has been my chiropractor since the mid-'80s and has kept my back going through the aftermath of several auto accidents and spinal surgery. He is a caring professional with a good touch, and a great sense of humor. I have referred many of my family and friends to him over the years and all have appreciated him. As a local psychologist, I have also recommended a number of clients with stress-related back and health issues as well.

-Pat R.

The soreness in my neck and back decreased dramatically after being treated by Dr. Skon. He is incredibly kind and honest, one of the best health physicians I've ever had.

-John G.

Best chiropractor I've been to--lessened the pain from an injury I've had for over a year.

A year ago I had a soccer injury that caused pain and tightness in my neck and shoulder. Over the holidays this year, the pain got significantly worse. I think the combination of traveling for work and stress caused the pain to become almost unbearable. It traveled from my back up through my neck and was constantly there. I went to Dr. Skon for several days over the holidays. After the first visit, the pain significantly subsided, and by the end of my trip the pain was completely gone. I had a bad experience a few years ago with a chiropractor and was so relieved to have found Dr. Skon!

-Lindsay F.

I suffer from acute neck and back pain. Dr. Skon's treatments are very affordable and reliably effective. I appreciate the way he discusses my treatment options, and then creates a plan that works for me. I also like that he runs on schedule, and that I rarely have to wait long to be seen.

-Morris J.

Dr. Skon is great! I initially went to see him for sub-acute mid-back pain which was making daily activity extremely difficult for me. He immediately found the source of the problem and rid me of my discomfort. He's an extremely caring practitioner, and his office is a bright and worm environment to be in. Highly recommended!

-Said P.

Over the last 6 years (and 3 pregnancies) my back had gotten worse and worse, with episodes of my back "going out" increasing in severity and frequency. I had tried pain medication and physical therapy, which seemed to help for a time, but with this last episode none of my stretches made any difference and I was reluctant to try medication again.

Dr. Skon was able to see me right away and after that first and subsequent appointments, I began to feel so much better as the muscles in my lower back began to relax and could be re-aligned - I was so excited to be able to sit and stand without pain and to walk straight again!

I am thankful to have Dr. Skon working on a long-term solution to my lower back pain, one that focuses on bone re-alignment and muscle strengthening.

I am feeling strong, flexible and safe from those awful episodes of intense pain and I recommend Dr. Skon and his staff to everyone I know!

-Maggie M.

I have had back, neck, shoulder and wrist pain for years that was left untreated. After a couple of sessions with Dr. Skon my back and neck have gotten a lot better. The shoulder pain had completely gone away. My wrist had gotten so much better. I used to develop major pain after playing on the guitar after 30 minutes, but now I can play for hours without any problems!

-Dua (John) T.

Thank you for the great work you do... You have the best Chiropractic clinic in St. Paul!

-Hassan N.