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Chiropractic Beneficial for Degenerated Disc Disease

As we age, the intervertebral discs in our spine can lose some of their flexibility and cushioning ability, resulting in spinal degeneration. This is a major cause of back pain as we get older, and one that we see frequently in our St Paul office.

Many of our patients tell us that they experience relief from chiropractic adjustments, and a new study in the prestigious Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation confirms that chiropractic can help with this problem.

In this new study, researchers in Spain looked at 40 men with diagnosed degenerative disc disease. Half of the men were treated with spinal manipulation, while the other half received a placebo treatment that did not adjust the spine.

The study found that the patients who received a single adjustment:


  • Reported less pain

  • Had increased spinal mobility

  • Had better hip flexion

  • Had a significant, measurable increase in height


Staying active and keeping your spine flexible is very important as we get older, and chiropractic can help you do that. Another recent study found that older patients were able to stay more active after receiving chiropractic care.

If you want to stay active, healthy, and pain-free, give chiropractic a try. We're conveniently located in St Paul, and we'd be happy to answer you questions about how we can help you. Give our office a call today at (651) 644-3900 for more information.

Vieira-Pellenz F, Oliva-Pascual-Vaca A, Rodriquez-Blanco C, et al. Short-term effect of spinal manipulation on pain perception, spinal mobility, and full height recovery in male subjects with degenerative disk disease: a randomized controlled trial. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2014;95:1613-19.


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December 26, 2014
Team Member
Dr. William Skon